After our year-long drought, the Texas Gulf Coast is finally getting much-needed rain! Of course, along with the rain we’ll be getting those dreaded Mosquitos in the months to come! So, although the rains we’ve been getting lately are a blessing, they provide the perfect environment for these nasty, and possibly West Nile Virus-carrying, pests.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey website, in 2011, Texas reported 6470 cases of West Nile Virus, with Harris County leading with 605 cases. Montgomery County came in second with 40 cases, and Brazoria County took third with 13 cases.  It’s time for everyone to be proactive to eliminate the likelihood of these pests in and around your home.  Although the elderly and those with weakened immune systems are at highest risk of severe illness, the virus poses a risk to all residents.

You can help protect yourself by wearing long pants and long-sleeve shirts, especially in the early evening and night, and using an insect repellant. Of course, be sure to empty surplus water from flower pots, and empty and refill pet bowls and birdbaths a couple of times a week.

Spokeswoman for the Texas Dept. of State Health Services, Christine Mann, said people are at risk any time mosquitoes are biting. She said even though the risk of exposure to the virus is relatively small, it definitely can cause serious illness, adding that about one in 100 mosquitoes will carry West Nile Virus.

The bulk of the 2011 mosquito infections were during the summer months, June through August, with a slight spike in September and few cases in October and November.

Protect Yourself – Don’t risk becoming one of 2012′s statistics!

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